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Ban Xiao Xue
Ban Xiao Xue
Country: Hong Kong
Participation: 2013

In 2007, on behalf of China (Hong Kong) Fashion Cultural Foundation, Ban Xiao Xue went to the China Cutting-Edge Fashion Design Static Exhibition held by the Pont Alexandre III Fashion Club in Paris. His works were appreciated by professionals including Jean Jacques Picard and Milan Vukmirovic and he was evaluated as the Chinese fashion future star of global fashion industry.

For 2012 Ban Xiao Xue on behalf of Exception was invited to the 2012 London Fashion Week to attend the “Shan Shui” Fashion Design Show and also held a static exhibition in the Nunnery Book Gallery in London.

“I became a little nervous when I was awarded the Woolmark Prize, as it means that I will represent China in the global final which brings pressure but also great motivation. My winning design was inspired by my respect for nature. Nature provides all the beauty to us, and I’m just using my eyes to discover them and put them together. Winning the Regional Woolmark Prize makes me even more determined to work as a successful designer, and to create more exceptional designs as a return to the external support I have received from Woolmark, Vogue China and all those who have supported me in this process.”