Jacinta James


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  • Region Australia and New Zealand
  • Country Australia
  • Participation 2018/19

Drapery and movement, subtlety and drama, Jacinta James is nothing short of a stunningly poetic exercise in the art of juxtaposition. 

Creative director Jacinta Demetriou has left no luxurious stone unturned with the inception of her womenswear label: I’m fascinated by the romantic; by story telling; by the interplay of dark and light, hard and soft. I wanted to undo traditional techniques and develop my own methods of composition and deconstruction that both exposes and celebrates the construction of each garment. It was all about creating a high-end line drenched in fascination and wonder, of pieces that would live and beautify with their owners and with age.

A conscious endeavour both conceptually and in its production practices, Jacinta James proudly champions small, bespoke artisans in the creation of its collections. Each garment is made locally, by hand and with the finest European and Japanese fabrics. All styles are made to order and prints are engineered locally, reducing the carbon footprint of the brand and adhering to its fundamental ideal of creating beautiful products with a heart.