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  • Region USA
  • Country USA
  • Participation 2018/19

Linder is a designer label headed by Sam Linder and Kirk Millar. The label started after an unlikely friendship was formed when the two met by chance back in 2012. In the years since, they have created a partnership, and a process, that is both unconventional and dynamic.

With differences in age, interests, approach, and background—Sam in Art and Photography, Kirk in Fashion—the two have developed a label that is led by an unorthodox, instinctual creative process. The results mix aggressive concepts, thoughtful design and execution, historical reference, and sensitivity to silhouette, into a dark but celebratory sensibility, creating the tension that is the brand’s DNA. The duo started in experimental menswear, debuting their collection at New York Fashion Week Mens January 2016. Since then, Linder has shown their collection on the runway, and felt a natural pull to expand into Womens.

Now under a new approach, the design the duo has divided creative directing responsibilities, debuting their Fall Winter 2018 collections with Sam Linder overseeing Womens, and Kirk Millar overseeing Menswear.