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  • Region Asia
  • Country Korea
  • Participation 2018/19

The-Sirius is a brand which suggests a new future.

Started in 2015, based in Seoul, Korea and focusing on European-market as a new designer brand currently receiving the most attention in the fashion industry.

Though the brand principle of “New Future, visionary”, we’re going to suggest a contemporaneous and novel future-vision. With the pioneer’s vision, we desire to include modern image, luxurious refined sense every season. The brand displays collections that stand out the polished beauty of practicality with constructive details completed through architectural interpretation.

The-Sirius responds to the present age and intends to suggest a new concept which can make the innovation with tradition coexist. We set to suggest a new future where space, architecture and humans can coexist with the youthful mentality and vision. There’ll be clothes, furniture, lighting and space organization perfectly and beautifully placed inside.