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  • Region Europe
  • Country Germany
  • Participation 2018/19

WILLIAM FAN, founded in 2015, represents an ageless and universal style. The designer who grew up in Germany with Asian roots, fuses European elements with Chinese influences and thus creates a harmonic union between these cultures. William Fan is inspired by his own biography, which he incorporates into his designs. Yet he allows the public significant insights into his life through his fashion shows. Every season William Fan tells a new story, leaving guests in awe and fascination of his talent of portraying his designs as the fundamentals of his company.

The labels philosophy is to focus on emphasizing universal fashion worn by men and women, eliminating the classical use of labels. This unconventional vision sets William Fan apart from other designers, as the essence of the brand is to deliver fashion for everyone, at anytime and remaining a high quality performance. The aim of William Fan is to use accessible yet innovative materials, in his ready to wear clothing. His fascination of simple uniforms and their aesthetics has inspired him greatly. William Fan takes the foundation of the uniform and distorts and interprets it in his own personal style, hence creating pieces of clothing that are dynamic, energetic, yet still remain traditional.

William Fans mindful decision of local production stresses his importance of creating a special, comfortable and exquisite consumer experience for customers. In his showroom the interior design is influenced by his clothing, exposing guests in a calm state, making shopping an adventure rather than a necessity.

His vision is to create a new aesthetic and to find a new way to present fashion. The shows are set up like movie scenes and the first store in Berlin Mitte is a full on experience with Chinese Tea and a social media ban.

Since summer 2016, WILLIAM FAN is part of the Vogue Salon Germany and is one the three mentees of the Fashion Council Germany. WILLIAM FAN offers Ready to wear, Shoes, Bags, Jewellery, Pottery and Furniture.