Agi & Sam | British Isles

Traditional military designs inform the collection of London designers Agi & Sam for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize


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"For the International Woolmark Prize final we have analysed the Battle [of Culloden], focusing on the power of tartan, and its manifestation throughout the world. This led us to a small African tribe in Ghana called the Asafo. When Scottish colonisation occurred in this area many of the influences of the Celtic race flooded through their way of life. They established their own Tartans and coated their face and clothes in a Cobalt blue powder emulating that of Celt warriors.

“Referencing traditional 18th Century military uniforms, our garments nod to kilts, Scots Guard coats and sash straps. Whilst an appreciation to the semiotics and functional detailing of said warfare has been applied, it is important that this is modernised into a contemporary silhouette with the use of hybrid pattern cutting techniques and applications.” 

[ Gallery Photography: Giovanni Giannoni ]

[ Top Photo: Studio Nonamephoto Firenze ]

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