Jonathan Christopher | Europe

The uniforms of traditional Dutch fisherman are made modern with Jonathan Christopher’s fabric development for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize


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“This is a collection based on the fishermen risking their life on the sea, through to the sea itself. Ominous skies, heavy waves and the clashing together of different seas were the inspiration of this collection, with colours reminiscent of the darkness of the bottom of the ocean to the almost luminescent blue of the visible layer. This translates to double-layered knits in two tones and pleated knits that change directions just like the waves in an ocean. The suit of a workman, denim is a big part in the collection.

“Together with Itv Denim, I created an exclusive wool denim woven fabric. The fabric retains its natural denim look on the outside whilst resembling a soft Merino blanket on the inside. The wool denim fabric retains the natural properties of Merino wool: softness and shape retention while giving the wearer maximum comfort. The way it is woven ensures that the elasticity of the fabric is at its maximum while still having great recovery. Wool denim also has the properties of regular denim, so it can be washed and treated as usual, from coating to snow wash.

“Big shapes of fishermen’s clothes inspired the silhouettes on the runway, with the functionality of heavy-duty garments a main focus. Leather-look finishes, waterproof coating and a bleached wash that looks like the crashing of waves or the ominous skies are visible throughout the collection.”

[ Gallery Photography: Giovanni Giannoni ]

[ Top Photo: Studio Nonamephoto Firenze ]

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