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Joan Jonas, Taylour Paige and Loyle Carner celebrate IWP2023

Celebrating the 2023 International Woolmark Prize finalists, we present DIALOGUE: a short film creating intergenerational dialogue between iconic artist Joan Jonas and the next generation of leading design talent, featuring key looks from this year's Woolmark Prize finalists: A. ROEGE HOVE, Bluemarble, Lagos Space Programme, MARCO RAMBALDI, MAXXIJ, Paolina Russo, R H U D E and Robyn Lynch.

The film DIALOGUE is a contemporary re-staging of one of Joan Jonas’ most iconic performances, Delay Delay (1972), brought back to life by a cast of creative game-changers including Taylour Paige and Loyle Carner who appear alongside Jonas with emblematic props to create unexpected rhythms of space and scale on the coast of Marseille.

Creative directed by Zak Kyes, the film brings together directors Partel Oliva and choreographer Josh Johnson. Special guest appearances include writer Naomi Shimada, muse Sonia Ichti, ballet dancer Samuel Pereira and Marseille-based creatives: Valentine Valero, Hanna-May Porlon and Luka Isaac. An original score is composed by British electronic producer and musician Loraine James.


Delay, Delay was performed outdoors in the Lower West Side of Manhattan in empty lots. Those places don’t exist anymore in New York, in that way. The fact that Woolmark found a site near Marseille in France to restage parts of it, and that the work would be transformed by younger people — I find very interesting.”

— Joan Jonas




Who is Joan Jonas

Joan Jonas is a world-renowned artist whose work encompasses a wide range of media including video, performance, installation, sound, text, and sculpture. Joan’s experiments and productions in the late 1960s and early 1970s continue to be crucial to the development of many contemporary art genres, from performance and video to conceptual art and theatre. Since 1968, her practice has explored ways of seeing, the rhythms of rituals, and the authority of objects and gestures.


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Meet the 2023 Woolmark Prize finalists