IWP expands into Asia


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2013 will see the expansion of the Asia region which will now cover China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea and the Indian region will now include UAE, Pakistan and Lebanon, as the prize continues to search the globe, uncovering the world’s best wool designers.

Enrolling the support of the most important regional nominating bodies ensures that the best designers are uncovered from all countries involved in the competition. With the expansion into Asia some of the most influential and prominent groups have thrown their support behind the project:

  • Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) was founded in 1984. It is recognised as one of the leading fashion institutions in the region of HKSAR, Mainland China and other cities in the South Pacific region.
  • China Fashion Association (CFA) is a registered national organization founded in 1993 in Beijing. The main activities of CFA include China Fashion Week, Fashion Design and Model Contest, part-time training and international exchange activities.
  • Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW) was established in 2005 with the cooperation of the textile/fashion manufactures, fashion designers and distributers. JFW hosts the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo twice a year.
  • Korea Fashion Association (KFA) is a body established in 1985 that aims to protect the rights of their members, promote their members and strengthen and globalize the competitiveness of the Korean fashion industry.
  • Vogue China. After strong support for the project in 2012, Vogue China will again be heavily involved in the selection of the nominees from Asia for 2013.

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