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Shop BODE’s winning Woolmark Prize collection

Buying a piece from BODE’s winning Woolmark Prize collection is like buying a historical piece of art. Unearthing new stories through pre-loved pieces, the International Woolmark Prize Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation winner’s capsule collection is now available to buy, proving that cool and sustainable can indeed go hand in hand.

Re-use, self-sufficiency and a commitment to preserving traditional craft lie at the heart of the BODE brand and the menswear label’s International Woolmark Prize collection. Drawing inspiration from the developmental years of artist Benjamin Bloomstein, BODE’s winning collection explores the relationship between alternative education, agricultural communities and sustainability.

Mixing deadstock fabrics found in abandoned factories, BODE beautifully marries the old with new to bring modern interpretations to traditions of the past.

Standout pieces of the winning collection - now available to buy - include overcoats and suits composed of reclaimed and remade equine show blankets, traceable Merino wool jacquard knits inspired by stitch samples from a retired 1930s knitting factory, and housecoats built from hundreds of individually crocheted Merino wool fleurettes.

“My favorite piece has to be the Charm Sweatshirt that encompasses charms and patches spanning the 19th century hand-sewn on a wool base with custom knit rib trim.”

Trace BODE’s Woolmark Prize collection through the supply chain

Bode’s approach to innovation is through storytelling, the reuse of historical textiles and techniques, and the preservation of craft. Each garment produced retells a narrative of female-centric handwork and celebrates the histories of makers in and out of the domestic space.

Part of creating credible proof points along the supply chain involves BODE offering its customers extensive knowledge on all fabrics and textiles used as well as what techniques are employed in creating each collection. This allows the label to fulfil its desire to be as transparent as possible for the origin of each garment made.

“We will strive to only use natural, circular materials to produce our garments. All textiles entering the studio will be archived with date and origin, into a system in order to track and preserve the story of our garments.”


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