SUKETDHIR | India, Pakistan and Middle East

Fusing eastern and western sartorial codes, SUKETDHIR’s winning collection for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize is truly unique


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“Now a warp and weft of subtle correspondences and contradictions, my collection explores the trans-seasonal aspects of wool and the alchemic transformation of the fibrous wool into smooth silk-like yarn, rendering the fabric light, airy, fluid and yet full and supple.

“Using the traditional Ikat technique, it traces the mellowed and faded experiences of past memories through the ombre pre-tie and dyed (Ikat) fabric. Graded ripples of colour that submerge into concentric circles emulating the age rings of the tree trunk were the inspiration for the Ikat pattern, thereby recalling the sensorial feel of the past.

“Reinforcing the fabric through seamless moulding and heat setting, the nostalgic memories are inscribed and embedded through the age-old technique of Kasuti. Blending the Oriental, Imperial and the Traditional, the outfits are a mix of structured and fluid drape interpreted into a trans-cultural ensembles.”

[ Gallery Photography: Giovanni Giannoni ]

[ Top Photo: Studio Nonamephoto Firenze ]

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