Siki Im | United States of America

Designer Siki Im presents a different take on New York dress in his collection for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize menswear final


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“I have an anthropological approach to design. Through a consistent study of progressors of social movements and true originators of cultural developments, I try to create a physical representation of my studies through my collections.

“For my International Woolmark Prize collection, I explore the diversity and melding of cultures evident in New York City, underneath the towers and shadows of skyscrapers and glass facades. Citizens of diverse cultural backgrounds seamlessly melding with one another while crisscrossing the streets represent new opportunities and a modern man.

“I fuse these varieties into a global aesthetic, beyond geographical boundaries, that is nonchalant through its use of layering and its ethnic agnosticism. The collection’s use of modified Australian Merino wool enhances the core characteristics of the fibre, such as its multi-climate functionality and durability. Modifications to the fibre, such as the reduction of scales, allow for easy care and a waterproof coating, which increase weather protection and stain resistance. The crinkled texture and the grommets place the material in a contemporary context.”

[ Gallery Photography: Giovanni Giannoni ]

[ Top Photo: Studio Nonamephoto Firenze ]

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