Hemang Agrawal


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  • Region India, Pakistan & Middle East
  • Country India
  • Participation 2017/18

Hemang Agrawal specialises in apparel and textiles made of natural fibres and precious metal yarns, deploying age-old techniques which are fast disappearing. He operates out of Benares, a foremost Indian centre of patterned hand-weaving.

Hemang’s eponymous label launched in 2014, embodying Indian textile heritage in a contemporary form. The label’s aesthetic is a combination of rich hand-woven fabrics and clean, functional silhouettes.

Hemang studied Fashion Design at NIFT, Mumbai, finishing amongst the top of the class and was awarded for textile development. He also received Merit and Golden Jubilee scholarships at Sydenham College, Mumbai, where he pursued business management. After a stint in the apparel export industry, he returned to Benares for research and training in his true calling of hand crafted textiles. He has been working extensively in this field for more than a decade.