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  • Region Asia
  • Country South Korea
  • Participation 2017/18

BMUET(TE) is visually provocative, ready-to-wear brand created by design duo Byungmun Seo and Jina Um. Initially focused solely on menswear, they debuted a womenswear range in 2015 and created new label BMUET(TE) to encompass both lines.

BMUET(TE) displays unconventional garment construction, a result of adventurous and creative pattern cutting. The designers hope to push the boundaries of traditional garment assembly by considering new ideas and cutting edge techniques. The label features avant-garde silhouettes rendered in accessible yet luxurious materials and accented with dramatic structural shape. Their design philosophy resists existing rules. As a result they are constantly researching, innovating and developing their processes, ultimately aiming for their designs to show poetic expression without any limit of thinking.