Death To Tennis


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  • Region USA
  • Country USA
  • Participation 2017/18

Death To Tennis offers a studied maturity inherited from its two founders William Watson and Vincent Oshin. It brings to the table a collaboration between William, boasting a design background of more than 15 years (Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Umbro) and Vincent, music journalist, DJ and stylist (Willem Dafoe, Michael K. Williams and Michael J. Fox). Both hail from Northern England and met in New York City where they began to collaborate on Death To Tennis.

With a dedication to showmanship and tailoring paired with the brand's connection to the pulse of design, art, and music, Death To Tennis is creating a uniform for captains of the creative industry and outfitting those architects of culture. The Death To Tennis lifestyle is further extended through the brand's frequent video vignettes that showcase the brand's unique and heightened aesthetic, combined with the designers’ distinct and almost anarchist commitment and approach to contemporary menswear.