Elissa McGowan


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  • Region Australia & New Zealand
  • Country Australia
  • Participation 2015/16, 2017/18

Elissa McGowan articulates a raw, modern vision of a woman. The brand was established in 2013 in Sydney, Australia, focusing on modern day dressing for the intelligent woman. It provides women with a luxurious and elegant wardrobe that aligns with their sense of confidence and lifestyle.

Elissa creates masterfully tailored jackets and pants, sculpted silhouettes and luxurious fabrications. Flourishes of artistic accents, unique surface textures, and sculptural tailoring are synonymous with the Elissa McGowan brand. Elissa McGowan is both aspirational and concise, for women who wear it as an extension of themselves, their hopes, and their sense of self.

Inspired by art, sculptural forms and landscapes, Modern and New Wave eras, Elissa’s designs are a culmination of artistic expression, intelligence, and refined elegance. Elissa McGowan presents a considered and articulate approach to luxury womenswear, unique in its approach to silhouettes, fabrication and art direction.