Khadija Rahman


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  • Region India, Pakistan & Middle East
  • Country Pakistan
  • Participation 2017/18

Established in 2016, Khadija Rahman’s namesake label invests in innovation and discovering the raw capabilities of fabric in the form of apparel.

The label is bent on exploring Khadija's relationship with natural fibres, with each piece furthering her exploration of drape, form and the liquid architecture of dress making.

Khadija Rahman has twice shown at fashion weeks in Pakistan. Her first collection showed at Pakistan Fashion Week in April 2016 whilst her second collection showed April 2017 at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week. Taking heavy inspiration from the shape of the subcontinental 'patang' the collection incorporated the Korean technique of pojagi, along with various historical menswear silhouettes and further desecration of the dupatta, and the kurta with the most noticeable being the separation of the embroidered ' gala' from the kamiz.

The label is a fearless representation of a modern outlook on sub continental attire. The exclusive collections are stocked at over 9 localities nationwide with a limited run online.