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  • Region Asia
  • Country Korea
  • Participation 2018/19

Mooyeol Lee is born in Seoul at 1984. He graduated from SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute) in 2010 as a scholarship student. He entered in “m-vio”(Men’s brand) and worked as designer in collection team. After two collection’s experience in “m-vio”, he started to have desires to tell his own story through designing clothes.

In 2011, Mooyeol left the company and set up his own brand YOUSER. He started to do runway fashion shows at Seoul Fashion Week from 2015.

YOUSER is a High-end street brand  which has launched is 2011. Presently, YOUSER is based out of a showroom in Korea. In last 6 years, YOUSER has grown steadily in Asian and European’s core markets and achieved outstanding growth.

YOUSER’s product is comprised of a total Unisex line. The growth of YOUSER Forms the basis of power of product design, supply, service and professional business method. We provide master’s handmade high quality product with a reasonable price to the customer.